Business Activities - ELECTRICAL DIVISION

For a number of years, Unicon limited has served the industry through its highly respected Electrical Division. Our teams of engineers have successfully carried out EPC Electrical Contracts in many countries including Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. They have been instrumental in offering robust turnkey solutions in engineering, design, procurement, erection, testing, commissioning of transmission line, underground cables, main intake and indoor/outdoor distribution substation for a wide variety of projects. Today, we enjoy the support of a wide network of international companies spanning from Europe to Asia.

 Our Scope of Services is:

  • Installation, testing and commissioning of primary and secondary equipment for distribution substations with voltage of up to 33 KV;

  • Installation, testing and commissioning of MV/LV equipment including dry transformers, rising bus duct. LV distribution and MCC switchgear, connection of power and control cables and emergency generator sets for high-rise buildings;

  • Laying, joining and termination of MV/LV cables including civil work and house service connection (from feeder pillar to house connection);

  • Installation of electrical equipment for power plants and assisting in testing and pre-commissioning the system;

  • Annual maintenance and services agreements for substations and networks;

  • Design, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of switchboards;

  • Turnkey electrical projects for power plants and substations, in co-operation with our partners;

  • Marketing of electrical equipment;

  • Building electrical works and services.

Unicon Limited provides project management services throughout the lifecycle of the projects pertaining to the scope of our work. We have a very well trained and diverse project management team, with substantial experience over a broad spectrum of successfully delivered projects. This is one of the factors that sets us apart and places us well ahead of our competition.



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